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New Website!

April 17, 2018

Ahh, nothing like a nice, fresh website!

I'm planning to visit Chicago at the end of the month for the NAPO2018 retreat, and in ordering some swanky business, I decided to give my website a face lift via Vistaprint at the same time. 

It's great timing, too, considering the larger changes my business is experiencing this year. I want to move away from the eco organizer brand, and so I'm doing business under my name until I am ready to launch a new brand. 

Thanks for visiting -- more updates to come!

- MV

Goodbye Facebook!

April 20, 2018

You might notice that I'm not offering much in the way of social media/advertising/networking information yet on this website. 

I promise, it is intentional! 

I am taking time off from Facebook, etc., during this transition to refocus myself... and maybe gain some peace and clarity. I just made the decision to pull away from Social Media earlier this month. Like most things, I did this for two main reasons: 

1.) I think it is a beneficial change for myself 

2.) I think my clients might benefit from a similar change

As such, I'm trying to be deliberate about this. I'm sure everyone will miss the baby photos and birthday wishes, but otherwise, Facebook has become too toxic for me. The constant complaining, virtue signaling, and use of memes and shares as a substitute for real dialogue was dragging me down and making me feel less connected -- not more. I used an app called F.B. Purity to limit my access to negative content, and it still wasn't enough. And then, after all the security and privacy issues being exposed on the platform, I felt it was the perfect time to step back.

The funny thing is that after deactivating my account, it still took me at least a week to feel "normal" again. It's surprising how quickly it gets under your skin, and it speaks to how psychologically dangerous social media can be when they are manipulating you to remain logged in and scrolling (and viewing ads) as long as possible. Of course, this doesn't just go for social media. Anything that relies on advertisements serves YOU as the product.

So, here I am almost a month later, enjoying my social experiment so far. I'm doing what I can to connect with friends, family, and clients more fully, which includes email, face-to-face contact, and maybe some alternatives platforms in the future, so I'll be blogging here for the time being.



April 25, 2018

It might be my birthday, but I've been busy preparing for my trip to the NAPO2018 conference, which starts tomorrow! It's a new model for the conference (framed as an inspirational retreat), and I'm excited to be a part of this new format. 

I have some very big decisions to make about where I want to take my business this year, and I'm looking forward to catching up with colleagues, meeting new organizers, and seeing where the industry is headed. If you are visiting this website after meeting me at the conference, please drop me a line via the contact form!

I hope to speak about the conference at length once I return to Virginia next week. Until then, folks!

- MV

Post NAPO2018 Review

May 14, 2018

Returning home from retreat, I wish I'd had the time to sit introspectively and mull over all I had learned, but within hours of touching the tarmac in Norfolk, I was back at the airport dropping off my husband for his own business trip. He returned for a week just to leave again today. Goes to show that life is crazy and nothing happens in a vacuum!

The NAPO Retreat was no different. I arrived in chilly Chicago to a whirlwind of networking with colleagues, getting a feel for what they are (and are not) doing in their businesses, and seeing where the industry is going... kind of a "kick in the pants" to figure out my next organizing business once I get settled down in North Carolina. Also, I sat through an amazing keynote and joined a post-keynote discussion with Jessica Butts, author of "Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At"

However, while I left for Chicagoland looking for answers, I think I returned with more questions than ever -- and ones that can't be easily answered. This is a good moment to step back and regroup, so once the boxes are unpacked in OBX, I am going to resist my first inclination to launch headfirst into work again.

I am going to reach some personal goals, recommit to my education as an organizer (and a business owner), and look into in sister industries and outreach initiatives, to see if maybe I can find a business model or niche that better fits my skill set and life goals for the next decade plus.

I hope to continue sharing my thoughts here as I plan for the future!

- MV

Renovation Station

May 31, 2018

Just a short one today --

But I feel it must be said that after helping so many of my clients, friends, and family muscle through never-ending renovations, and now this most recent reno on my own 104 year-old house, I could seriously write a book on this topic. 

You know, in the next life, when I finally have the time.


Renovation Station Redux

Sept 17, 2018

In all you do, remember to maintain your flexibility and manage your expectations!

We weren't in the new house but a few days before we found a cracked water line to the fridge that had already done some serious damage. Water had slowly leaked through the kitchen and bathroom floors upstairs, and dripped straight through the downstairs ceiling. It took Servpro two weeks to dry everything out with giant industrial fans and dehumidifiers. By the time we were able to start unpacking and reclaiming our house, we were under mandatory evacuation for Hurricane Florence (and needed to return to Norfolk to protect our old house, which was still on the market anyway). Can't say I recommend driving almost 2 hours in a car with a toddler, two cranky old cats, our important documents, a metric ton of easy mac, bottled water, and cat litter was fun, but somehow we managed it twice in a week.

This certainly was not how I expected the first month and a half of my new life at the beach to go, and I think it's ok to mourn that. But I'm doing what I can to take it with grace and a little perspective. The damaged kitchen and master bathroom will give us the ability to buy replacement materials that meet our needs and tastes, even if we hadn't planned on doing any major renovations for another 5-7 years. And with Hurricane Florence, I can't help but feel the gratitude that our friends, neighbors, and family were mostly spared, even through this tragedy is still unfolding only a few hours south of us.

Please consider giving to the American Red Cross or other worthy charity to send relief aid to the victims of this hurricane -- or any other cause dear to your heart. 


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