Live your life.

Organizing might be my life, but it shouldn't be yours. I want you to live your life, confident that things are sorted and running smoothly.


About Mollie

I have overcame...

  • funky filing systems
  • closet clean-outs
  • elder downsizing and estates
  • chronically disorganized clients and hoarders
  • time management for busy professionals and stay-at-home parents alike
  • organization/time management basics for kids, including ADD/ADHD and Autism
  • moves and home staging
  • life coaching, including life transitions and next steps planning
  • going green, including better food/kitchen habits
  • digital disorganization (files, photos, and back-ups) and paperless offices
  • non-profit planning and management
  • small business/sole-preneur/new organizer mentor 

But what you might not know...

  • I have moved a 2,000lb laser printer single handed (honestly, it's all in the legs)
  • I have gladly dumped out full recycle bins to ensure that a client felt I was trustworthy and would never throw out something without their permission (I hadn't!)
  • I go on reddit anonymously to help people get organized and stay on my toes (ask for my handle!)
  • I have shredded hundred of pounds of paper (so lucky to have Eggleston services in this area)!
  • I celebrate every single container my clients empty, because sometimes, a little box is a major victory

Membership and Education

NAPO - The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals: member since 2007

AS in Social Science, TCC, Summa Cum Laude Dec 2016

I held my certification as a Professional Organizer from 2013-2016, allowing it to expire to take time away from my business to finish college and to start (and care for) my family.

While the knowledge is always there, I am looking forward to sitting for this exam again!

About Mollie Vann

Speaking engagements include:

Hampton Roads Chapter of CHADD "Sorting it All Out: Disorganization & ADHD"

Sustainable Living Fest of Norfolk: "Eco Organizing"

Local OCD and Hoarding support groups "A Practical Approach to CD and Hoarding"

Radio interview: HearSay with Cathy Lewis

Print interview: Williamsburg Health Journal

Pictures from top: 

Mollie Vann and Standolyn Robertson in Orlando at NAPO2009

Hampton Roads Professional Organizers volunteering for GO month in Newport News January 2011

Mollie's Booth at the Sustainable Living Fair Norfolk February 2013

Mollie enjoying a break with her daughter in the Bahamas October 2017