Mollie Vann

Organization. Productivity. Since 2007.


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Professional Organizer At Large

Over a decade has passed since I first began organizing in Southeastern VA and Northeastern NC. 

And now, I'm very excited to announce that I am moving my home base from Norfolk to the Outer Banks! 

Please excuse the interruption of service during this transitional period. 

I have not yet determined my business plans for North Carolina, but I am eager to see where this path

takes me once we get settled at the beach.

About Me

You might know me as...

Positive Space Consulting since 2007

The Eco Organizer since 2009

Either way...

I have a passion for helping you sort your life and find 

peace and meaning beyond paper and clutter.

My enthusiasm for my clients and fearless ability to tackle the stickiest situation has earned me a reputation as a creative problem solver throughout Hampton Roads & Northeastern NC.

A Customer Said...

I HIGHLY recommend her, she is not only compassionate about people but she has a lot of awesome ideas when it comes to teaching me how to organize. She doesn't just come in and organize for you and then leave; absolutely NOT. She is a professional without a doubt.

Teresa - Chesapeake

The difference is remarkable. I can't say enough good things about Mollie.

Benny Fitz

Marilyn, Virginia Beach

Mollie Vann was born to do what she does! I was completely overwhelmed with the logistics of the situation, whereas she came in and immediately knew how to tackle the problem.

Tess Timonial

Jessie, Newport News

Mollie was punctual & professional during the consultation & I "HIGHLY" recommend.

Jenae, Norfolk